In Memoriam

Summer 2010

You may be wondering what happened to Firstgift. 

Well, we are sad to announce the passing earlier this summer of Corrie Galatti--the person behind Firstgift--after a long battle with cancer.  She is survived by her mother, her brother, her husband, four children, two step-children, sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

As many of you know, Firstgift was as much--or more--a labor of love for Corrie as it was a business.  She took great pleasure--and pride--in personally wrapping every gift package, sending each off with her special touch, and enjoyed talking on the phone or by email with her many repeat customers (as well as each new one!) to get every order just-right.  So devoted was she to doing her best on every order that, to the amazement of the nurses caring for her in her final weeks, she continued to respond to online orders using her Blackberry from her hospital bed, directing family members back home on the fine art of presentation, packaging, and meeting UPS shipping deadlines.

We, her family, extend a warm Thank You to all Firstgift customers for the years of loyal business you graciously chose to bestow upon her and the trust you placed in her for your special gifts.  We know, from your comments over the years, that you appreciated what she delivered with Firstgift.  What you may not know is how much she appreciated each of you, and really enjoyed being able to participate in some small way in the joy of giving a new baby his or her first gift! 

At the memorial service, Corrie's brother shared this loving remembrance of his sister